Intelect have started apprentices every year since 1998, which was the second year of our incorporation, the majority of these have come via JTL who have been a constant support network to us, to enable us to get the best from our apprentices.

We have forged a relationship over many years with JTL and have a close working relationship with the training officers who work directly with the apprentices. This enables them to understand our needs as an employer. We pride ourselves on offering a specialised service to our clients of the highest standard and it’s important from the outset that the apprentices know and understand this. Our apprentices range across many disciplines such as Electricians, fabricators, pipefitters, joiners, welders, accounts and administration

Our model has worked for years and continues to do so, the level of employee retention is testament to this, and the growth of the company is also a testament to this. Intelect UK has continued to show its commitment to the youth of our area and giving them the chance we were given as apprentices.

Our electrical apprentices have been in the finals of apprentice of the year in 2010, 11, 12, 13 and again this year. Intelect UK was awarded Employer of the year for the Northern region in 2014. Intelect was presented with an award for large employer of the year in recognition of our commitment to apprenteships and apprentices over the previous years by TVAP in 2012. Also our accounts apprentice one apprentice of the year.

Our commitment is stronger now than ever to our apprentices and ultimately they are the winners whether they choose to remain with Intelect or more on with their career elsewhere they will leave with a first class training.

Working for intelect

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