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Electrical Engineering:

Our Electrical Engineering course is typically around three to four years in length, dependent on the commitment of the apprentice.

The first two years of the course will consist of site-based training and attending college in block weeks, to cover the theory of the course.

Following completion of college, your third and fourth years will consist of site-based training and collecting portfolio evidence of your work - you will then also undertake an AM2 test. All components must be completed successfully before you pass your apprenticeship.

Fabrication and Welding:

The Fabrication and Welding course is estimated to last around three years. This course involves a high capacity of on the job training, alongside an experienced mentor. You will work both on our client’s sites, as well as in our specialised fabrication workshop, seeing many projects from creation to completion.
You will be required to attend college one day a week, in order to learn the relevant theory for your course.


This apprenticeship is estimated to last 3 years. You will be required to attend college one day a week to learn the relevant theory. For the rest of your time, you will be based within the Intelect offices, and will sometimes be required to visit customer sites to conduct site surveys, along with a suitable mentor.

All assessments will be theory based, and must be completed to pass the apprenticeship.

Business Administration:

Our Business Administration course takes place over twelve to eighteen months, usually commencing on a Level 2 course, however a Level 3 course may be offered, dependent on the experience of the applicant.

The apprentice will be required to attend college one day a week, every two weeks, in order to learn the relevant theory of the course. An assessor will then visit the office to complete an evaluation of your progress, before you complete the course.


You will initially be enrolled on an AAT Level 2 course, which will take twelve months to complete. Following successful completion, you will have all of the necessary skills needed to progress onto the AAT Level 3 apprenticeship, which will take place over 18 months.

For both courses, you will be required to attend college one day a week, as well as completing the relevant accountancy examinations.

When suitable, we offer further professional development for our apprentices, however this is only discussed once the Level 3 apprenticeship has been successfully achieved.

Pipefitting and Welding:

Our Pipefitting apprenticeship takes place over two years, however this course involves a college placement for the first nine months, before being placed on site with a mentor for a further fifteen months.

Mechanical Fitting:

The Mechanical Fitting apprenticeship is estimated to last two to three years. You will be required to attend college one day a week, with the rest of your training being on the job, both within our workshop and on our client’s site.

You will be required to collect evidence in order to build a portfolio of your progression.

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