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Learn while you Earn:

The Intelect Apprenticeship Programme is the best way to develop a career in a subject you are passionate about, whilst also getting paid.

We have a structured development plan for all apprentices, and regular progress meetings are conducted to ensure you are kept on the right track.

If you would like more information on our pay structure, please contact our HR Manager, Jennifer Watts on 01642 878784.

Top Class Training:

Here at Intelect, as well as College or University based learning, you will also receive specialised on the job training, suitable to your role. You will be paired with a qualified mentor to ensure to you learn the highest quality skills and knowledge required for you to complete any task.

Our dedicated and award-winning training providers are on hand to give you the best learning experience possible, and the Intelect management team are available at all times to provide you with a solid support network.

Rewards and Social Events:

When suitable, we provide our apprentices with incentives, rewards and support.

We have a monthly Health and Safety Award, as well as an annual Apprentice of the Year Award.

Apprentices also have the benefits of social activities, including the Intelect Football Team - a popular choice among many.

As well as this, our apprentices are guaranteed to leave their training with the skills and knowledge required for them to succeed in the working world, whether they chose to remain with Intelect or move on elsewhere.

Succession Planning:

In accordance with our apprenticeship ethos, ‘train to retain’, we strongly believe that our apprentices today are the future of our business tomorrow.

Our apprenticeship model gives our apprentices the chance to climb the ladder in their career if they wish too, with 40% of our project managers having previously been an apprentice with us.

This career progression and job security ensures we retain a wealth of innovation and creativity that our apprentices bring to Intelect, allowing us to continue to grow and plan our workforce for the future.

Award Winning Provider:

Here at Intelect, we have been commended on many occasions for our commitment to apprenticeships and our workforce through various awards.

We have over 20 years’ experience providing top class apprenticeships to over 85 apprentices in total, across a range of disciplines and levels.


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