Case Studies

A lot of the work we do is confidential, as a result we are limited in some of the work we can show through our case studies. If there is something in particular you would like to know whether we have the capacity to do, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • NWG Murton WTW Upgrade

    High lift pumping station

    Intelect UK Ltd were chosen by MM Bentley as a key electrical installation supplier for a proposed upgrade of an existing borehole water treatment plant at Murton Berwick Upon Tweed.

  • Combined lifting frame and jig for a Lancaster bomber

    Just Jane Lancaster Bomber

    Intelect Engineering in Grimsby were asked to design and build a combined lifting frame and jig to lift the rear fuselage section off its temporary trolley and fix it in a position so it could be worked on safely.

  • Mezzanine storage platforms at Britvic

    Mezzanine storage platform

    Intelect were contracted Britvic to undertake the design, fabrication and installation of a number of new mezzanines and gantries for their site in London.

  • Feasibility Study

    Feasibility Study

    Intelect were contracted by PPG to provide two 3D as-built models of Unit 1 and Unit 2. The model was developed using point-cloud data captured via our Faro Focus 3D S70 Laser Scanner

  • Project Pelican

    Material Handling Platform

    Intelect were contracted by KP Snacks to decommission a production facility in Germany and relocate it to the UK.

  • Tata Steel Drive Control Panel Refurbishment

    Tata Steel Drive Control Panel Refurbishment

    Intelect were contracted by GE Energy to complete the mechanical design, installation and refurbishment of an onsite Control System based at a Tata Steel site.

  • Ringtons Tea Blend Control System

    Tea Blend Control System

    Intelect were contracted by Ringtons to provide a full turnkey solution from design through to commissioning, in order to replace three existing blend panels with on master panel.

  • Kolak Foods Air Handling Control System

    Kolak Foods Air Handling Control System

    Kolak Foods requested our expertise to design and build a stainless-steel variable speed drive control panel, built to control air flow into a factory extension production area, via inlet and extractor fans.

  • Corby Roller Table 200KW Replacement Drives

    Corby Roller Table 200KW Replacement Drives

    Intelect were contracted by GE Energy to supply, manufacture and install a 200KW Drive Control Panel, to replace existing obsolete equipment on site at Tata Steel, Corby.

  • 800AMP LV Distribution Switchboard

    Distribution switchboard

    Working to the British Standard 61439, Intelect were contracted to design and commission a Form 4, Type 2, 800AMP Distribution Switchboard, to service supplies to an extension to the client’s current factory.