Combined lifting frame and jig for a Lancaster bomber

The Lancaster bomber ‘Just Jane’ is based at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby. During the Summer months visitors can take a ‘taxi’ ride around the airfield in the bomber, however the end goal is to restore Just Jane to airworthy condition again.

They are now three years into a ten year restoration project to get a certificate of airworthiness from the Civil aviation authority, which will allow Just Jane to return to flight and become the only the third flying Lancaster in the world.

Part of this winter’s work is to remove the rear fuselage and thoroughly inspect the condition of all the ribs. It will soon be re-assembled to the rest of the aircraft for this summer’s taxy run season, then next winter it will be returned to the jig to have any corroded ribs replaced and all the aluminium skin replaced.

Intelect Engineering in Grimsby were asked to design and build a combined lifting frame and jig to lift the rear fuselage section off its temporary trolley and fix it in a position so it could be worked on safely. There are multiple support beams at each end to allow beams to be removed as required to allow access to all the fuselage and it still be supported. Any removed members must go back in exactly the same position.

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage are hoping to be open this summer (COVID-19 permitting) to offer a ‘tail down taxy ride’ on the world famous Lancaster Bomber – the only place in Europe you can get on board the iconic aircraft!

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