Showing 24volt DC safety related electrical Control circuitry consisting of Emergency Stop, guard circuits for machine access Complete with speed monitoring of Motors for stand still.

Teabag Machine Control Panel

Client: Tetley Tea
Date: 2007/2008
Discipline: Panel Manufacturing
Value: £100,000

During 2007/2008 Intelect UK Ltd Panel department completed the project to overhaul a Teabag manufacturing machine at Tetley Tea, Eaglescliffe.

The project required a full mechanical and electrical overhaul which was project managed by our Panel Department.

On completion of the site installation of the new control panel and machine overhaul the machine was EMC tested and fully commissioned on-site by our Engineering team.

Showing control Logix PLC cubicle

Cokeside Machine MCC

Client: Tata Steel
Date: 2009
Discipline: Panel Department
Value: £50,000

Working to Tata Steels design, Intelect UK Ltd supplied and manufactured various control panels required for Cokeside machine electrical refurbishment consisting of drives and distribution MCC, PLC control cubicle drivers control desk and access gate safety panels.

The panels were installed on-site by Intelect’s installation team to a high degree of quality securing future work at Tata Steel Coke Ovens.

Galvanised and installed steel work at Stewarts Park Valve Chamber

High level platform

Description: Stewarts Park Valve Chambers
Client: JN Bentley
Date: March 2011
Discipline: Mechanical Fabrication
Value: £20,000

Intelect were contracted by JN Bentley to design, fabricate and install high-level platform around a compact 1m diameter valves due to NWL operatives having to climb over valves in the chamber which was causing health and safety issues.

The platforms were constructed in mild steel channel and angle in our workshop, from here they were taken to site fitted in black form and removed to be galvanised and then refitted on the underground chambers.

We were given 3 months to construct 3 platforms which was completed to the desired timeframe. The client was pleased with the quality and rapid turn around and consequently further similar and further projects to reduce health and safety hazards have been awarded.

24 inch insertion tool with hydraulics fitted ready for function test.

Insertion Tool

Client: QA Weld Tech
Date: July 2010
Discipline: Milling, Turning, Boring, Welding, Drilling, Fitting


Intelect Machine Services Ltd were contracted by QA Weld Tech to manufacture insertion rig parts to drawings supplied. Hydraulic fittings and assembled parts and function tested.

QA Weld Tech is one of our major clients and continues to contract us projects. The work on this project was completed on time and to standard with excellent customer feedback.

Six knife gate valves prior to having its electric actuator fitted

Browns Point Valve Actuation

Description: Browns Point Valve Actuation
Client: JN Bentley
Date: March 2014
Discipline: Electrical Installation

NWL’s Browns Point SPS is a 3 pump dry well sewage pumping station located in Cullercoats, Tynemouth. The station was prone to blockages meaning that NWL operators were required to mechanically isolate the pumps to de-rag. The existing manually operated knife gate valves were fitted with Rotork electric actuators by a 3rd party with the electrical works undertaken by Intelect UK Ltd, these improvements greatly increased efficiencies when de-ragging and thus reduces the time spent carrying out the works.

The picture to the left shows one of the six knife gate valves prior to having its electric actuator fitted. The works were initially sequenced such that the mechanical contractor would complete his activities prior to the start of the electrical works.

In the event the sequence of works changed, the mechanical contractor encountered difficulties in removing the flange bolts. This delay caused an impact on the overall programme as JN Bentley had site establishments and site management in place for a finite duration.

As a result we came in early and installed the containment, cabling and local isolators prior to the mechanical works, once the mechanical contractor finally completed his works we returned to site to complete the cabling between the local isolators and the electrical isolators.

The picture to the right shows one of the modified valves incorporating the electric actuator, local isolator and containment along with power cabling, labels and earth bonding.

During the NICEIC testing it became apparent that there were departures from BS7671, Specifically it was not physically possible to identify the protective bonding conductors to the water services pipework and structural steelwork. As a result we were unable to issue an electrical installation certificate, in lieu we issued a schedule of electrical test results along with a report outlining necessary improvements to be undertaken by the owner.

To conclude although the installation did not go entirely to plan the works were still completed within the required timeframe, no health and safety issues arose and resources were efficiently redeployed and returned to bring the project in on budget.

JN Bentley has been one of our NWL clients over the last 8 years and continues to award Intelect UK Ltd major framework projects. We have worked on various projects ranging from small pumping stations refurbishments through to new water treatment processes.

Rospen flavour gantry including vibrator supports to sit astride product feed conveyor

Platforms & Gantries

Client: Various
Date: 2010
Discipline: Mechanical Fabrication

All platforms manufactured, supplied and installed are individually designed to suit each application and position.

Below are examples showing various platfoms manufactured in a wide range of material such as powder coated steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Various views on new frame

Die holder – KP Foods

Client: KP Foods
Date: December 2012
Discipline: Fabrication and Machining
Value: £4,000

Intelect were contracted by KP Foods to assist with a manual handling problem. Working with line operators and engineers we offered a design that was accepted. The original working procedure involved manually turning over heavy valuable die sets. The new frame and die turner was made to minimise manual handling.

This project was completed on time and budget to the highest standard and to the satisfaction of KP Foods.

KP Foods were highly satisfied with the new design improvement helping them to transport the frames more safely to the cleaning area and reduce the level of manual handling required by employees, this was a direct improvement that went over and above of their design brief.

Tetley Tea guarding and control panel

PUWER Upgrades at Tetley Tea

Client: Tetley Tea
Date: June 2010
Discipline: Fabrication, Electrical and Control Panel
Value: £40,000

Intelect were contracted by Tetley Tea to undertake PUWER upgrades on an existing machine. We undertook the design, installation, fabrication and commissioning of the Guarding and Control System.

This was our first calibration on a PUWER Guarding project. The client was pleased with the quality and rapid turn around consequently further similar projects have been awarded and commissioned.

We have also completed various levels of guarding systems with differing requirements from each client. We have also trained key personnel in the latest PUWER regulations enabling us to offer bespoke solutions.

Filter Inlet Valve, New Actuator, pedestal and ` extension spindle installed. Intelect Mechanical Ltd also undertook modifications works to the hand rails & wire guards

Mosswood Hydraulic Actuator Replacement

Description: Mosswood Hydraulic Actuator Replacement
Client: JN Bentley
Date: Jul 2012 – Oct 2012
Discipline: Mechanical
Value: £43,000

Intelect UK Ltd were contracted by JN Bentley to replace the existing 48 No. hydraulic actuators on the rapid gravity filters at Northumbrian Water Mosswood WTW. This involved decommissioning the existing system, including pipework and installing new Auma electric actuators onto the existing washout, air scour, filter inlet & filter outlet valves.

The above mechanical works were integrated with another subcontractor undertaking the electrical works, all works being sequenced across 12 No. Rapid gravity filters maintaining operation of the works throughout the projects. All works completed on time & within budget to the complete satisfaction of the client JN Bentley 

JN Bentley is one of our major NWL clients over the last 6 years and continues to award us framework projects. We have worked on many projects ranging from small pumping stations refurbishments to new sludge dewatering installations.

Intelect supports Scope

Intelect supports Scope

Intelect supports Scope

Intelect supports Scope

Peter Majer became part of the Intelect team in 2013 as a project engineer. Peter has twin sons, one of which was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2.

Peter and his family found SCOPE an invaluable source of support and information. When Intelect heard of the news, we wanted to support him and his family by raising money for SCOPE.

Throughout 2014 the fundraising included holding a golf day, and running blind cards. Intelect in total raised £1,200. To present the money, we invited Rachel Atkinson, a representative of SCOPE to meet Peter and his family.

“It’s always good to meet the families who benefit from the services we provide at SCOPE. We are always grateful for all donations, as they allow us to continue providing our services. Our vision is a world where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.”

If you wish to donate to SCOPE, please click the link:

A letter of thanks from Scope.