Think For 30 Seconds Health & Safety campaign

TF-30″ Think For Thirty Seconds

Think For 30 Seconds Health & Safety campaign

Intelect’s Health & Safety manager Dave Ritchie introduced the ‘Think For 30 Seconds’ campaign towards the end of 2017. The campaign is aimed at all members of staff and sub-contractors working at our own premises, on site or driving between locations.

The point behind the campaign is to raise awareness of the risks that appear around us throughout our working day and to remind us that pausing to consider how to proceed can prevent an accident.

The TF-30″ logo that appears at the top of the page has been designed to help us remember the importance of keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe in the workplace. We have had some stickers made up, which will be finding their way around vaious sites, equipment and vehicles. If anyone would like to request some for tool boxes or machinery then please contact Dave Ritchie on 07702 913252 or email

We have also introduced a QR Code into the design which can be scanned using the camera of your mobile device. The QR Code will provide a link to information relating to health and safety topics, and initiatives which will be updated periodically.

Why is this campaign so important?

There is no doubt keeping safe at work is important, no one would wish an accident upon themselves or a colleague, but you might wonder why we need to have campaigns, surely we all do our best every day to keep ourselves safe?

Well you would think so yes, but ask yourself honestly. Have you ever operated a piece of equipment or machinery with out the correct eyewear or ppe? Have you ever operated a piece of equipment or machinery without the correct PPE or the correct checks being completed? Have you ever driven a vehicle without defrosting it fully, or stood on something that’s not designed to be stood on to allow you to reach?

It’s these small oversights that we want to tighten up on so ‘daft accidents’ are avoided alongside more serious risks.

It’s good for business

Growing our business, securing work and jobs is equally important in maintaining a strong Health & Saftey strategy. In order for Intelect to achieve the accreditations and awards required to win new contracts and secure existing clients, we need to demonstrate our commitment to best practices accross our business. Please help us achieve our long term goals by adhering to, and suggesting improvements, for best practices.

We have produced some posters to help promote health and safety at work

If you would like to get some posters or stickers for use by your team, if you have any questions or need support, please contact Dave Ritchie (Health & Safety Manager) on 07702 913252 or email

KP Billingham and Intelect

Intelect and KP Snacks, Teesside

Intelect’s John Henderson (Senior Electrical Supervisor) heads up the team of 5 electrical engineers who work on a long term contract at KP’s manufacturing plant on Teesside.

Intelect have been working at the plant since 2000, with John’s team permanently on site since 2005. Their role on the site is split between project, maintenance and repair work to both the production line and the building.

Working alongside KP’s own staff

The factory underwent substantial works when the roof was replaced in 2010, Intelect were heavily involved in this project, installing the switchboard into a new switch room, connecting the electrical and mechanical services to various parts of the line.

Special projects

Alongside the contracted electrical work, Intelect are involved with special projects to increase productivity, safety and efficiency of the food processing and packaging lines. The following video, produced by KP Snacks, shows the inside of their manufacturing plant on Teesside. Below the video we’ve described projects that Intelect have worked on as part of their ongoing relationship with KP.

Process Monitoring

Process monitoring allows the client to measure the input and output of particular production line, helping to optimise energy conservation and performance.

Working with the KP team, Intelect have installed energy monitors, airflow meters and photocells including the design and manufacture of any brackets, fixings and guards.

Conveyors and robotic systems

Most of the conveyor systems used to transport product around the facility were designed, manufactured and installed by our mechanical and electrical teams. The robotic auto palletisation equipment was purchased from a third party company and installed by Intelect as part of the packaging line.

Access bridges and inspection platforms

Our mechanical team were also involved in the design and installation of stepover, access and inspection platforms, all of which are built in-house to BSEN 1090.

Electric, air and water supply

During the process area roof refurbishment in 2010, Intelect installed:

  • Emergency lighting.
  • Electric supplies for lighting and machines.
  • Airlines for pneumatics actuation.

Additional pipework and air handling units were designed and installed by Intelect to provide:

  • Steam & condensate pipework.
  • Air handling units and extract fans.

The team

John Henderson’s team at KP are self managed and responsible for their own equipment and practices on site.

  • All staff are IPAF accredited.
  • Dressed in all the appropriate PPE for the food industry with internal pockets.
  • Single piece food safe pens.

We recently purchased an additional MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) and podium scaffolds to reduce the need to use stepladders on site, the podium scaffolds provide a stable and compact platform that allows staff to work comfortably and safely at lower heights. The MEWP’s can also fit into tighter spaces and they extend to around 5.5 metres, for heights in excess of this we also keep scissor lifts and boom lifts on site.

Intelect are a multidiscipline company and are able to support the KP team with skills in order for them to achieve their daily activities or project work.

Bagging machine

De-Bagging Station

Intelect were contracted by Spicers, North Shields, to undertake the design, fabrication and installation of a frame that has the ability to take different sized tea blend bags FIBC & IBC solid containers direct into the blending system.

Mezzanine storage platform-britvic

Mezzanine storage platforms at Britvic

Intelect were contracted Britvic to undertake the design, fabrication and installation of a number of new mezzanines and gantries for their site in London.

This mezzanine was listed as number 1 and was free standing in the new section of the factory.

Steel mezzanine platform

Platform build for Burts Crisps

Intelect were contracted by Burts Chips in Plymouth, to undertake the design, fabrication and installation of their phase 1 mezzanine floor to be installed in their new packaging area.

Our CAD department carried out all the design work for the platform, all fabrication and welding work was carried out in-house to BSEN 1090. On completion of the fabrication process, the platform was then disassembled and transported to Plymouth where we installed the platform and the necessary electrical installations.

Bio-Methane ‘Gas to Grid’ Project

NWL Howdon Bio-Methane

Client: Interserve Construction Ltd
Date: November 2014
Discipline: Electrical Installation

Following on from the success of the Bran Sands PTA Biogas Reuse Project in 2012 NWL once again chose to engage Interserve Construction Ltd as Main Contractor on the new Bio-Methane ‘Gas to Grid’ Project at Howdon. The success of this project would be measured upon the ability to deliver the project on time, one budget and to the highest quality, As with Bran Sands, Interserve chose Intelect UK Ltd as their preferred electrical sub-contractor based upon our ability to deliver on these success factors.

Work commenced on the site in late July 2014, with the first tasks being the earthing of the formwork within the foundations of the Grid Entry Unit, Pre-Treatment Plant, Bio-Methane Upgrade Plant, Transformer Plinth and, as shown in the picture below the LV Switch Room plinth. Additionally as a part of a dedicated TNS Supply an Earth Rod Nest was installed adjacent to the LV Switch Room.

As well as heavy power distribution there was a significant amount of gas monitoring instrumentation installed, with a large proportion installed within Hazardous Areas. Intelect UK Ltd provide our Installation electricians with ‘CompEx’ training giving them the flexibility to work within many sectors of the production industry including, chemical and petro-chemical. The picture to the right shows one of these Hazardous Area installations, this one being a pressure transmitter and electric actuator at the Pre-Treatment Plant

The overall scale of the project can be seen from the picture to the left. In the foreground we can see the Pre-Treatment Plant with the gas export line disappearing uphill to the Grid Entry Unit. In the background we can see the Plant Rooms and Bio-Methane Process area with the Absorption, Desorption and Flash columns clad in scaffold. To the left are the Propane Storage Tanks with a steel protection cage fitted over

The project brought together contractors from across Europe, all with a common goal of delivering a ‘Gas to Grid’ deadline of the 30th November. The Interserve site project team led by Graeme Eagling kept the project on track and with excellent collaboration between all stakeholders the target date was achieved. We look forward to continuing our good relationships with both Northumbrian Water & Interserve Construction Ltd.


Completed installation at Potto Sewage Pumping Station, North Yorkshire

Electricity at Work Regulations (EaWR) Waste Water Delivery

Client: JN Bentley
Date: September 2014 - Ongoing
Discipline: Electrical Installation

On behalf of Northumbrian Water Limited, JN Bentley Ltd contracted Intelect UK Ltd, under New Engineering Contract (NEC3) Option A, to complete the Electrical Installation work associated with the EaWR Waste Water Delivery Scheme. 

The objective of the scheme was to bring all electrical equipment up to existing standards, including; 17th Edition BS7671, Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and NWL E0103, E0104, E0702 specifications.  

The scheme is to be undertaken over an 18-month programme, consisting of 23 sites. Although the objectives of all sites were the same, the volume of works required was specific to the respective site, some sites requiring a full electrical refurbishment, whereas, some sites only required part refurbishment, dependant on equipment currently installed.   

As of December 2014, working collaboratively with NWL, JN Bentley Ltd and other 3rd party installers, we have successfully completed 5 of the 23 sites to the gratification of all parties, within programme and with no Health and Safety issues to report.

The picture to the left shows the completed installation at Potto Sewage Pumping Station, North Yorkshire. This particular site required a full site electrical refurbishment including: removal of redundant and non-complaint equipment; installation of a new MCC Panel (Supplied by a 3rd party), earth protection and installation of Building Services. The site was also tested to ensure it compiled with the required standards and specifications.

The picture to the right shows the inside of the Telemetry Outstation. During the installation, the existing telemetry outstation was retained, and alarm signals were changed sequentially from the old equipment to the new to enable the site to be kept operational at all times. This element of works is critical to the success of any refurbishment works carried out to operational sites as disruption to water supplies or sewage discharge can lead to financial penalties to Northumbrian Water Ltd.

Through Northumbrian Water Ltd, JN Bentley have awarded Intelect UK Ltd major framework projects for the past 8 years and continues to do so.  We have worked collaboratively on various projects ranging from small pumping stations refurbishments through to new water treatment processes.

Pallet straightening rig developed for one of our major clients, to feed their automated Palletisation unit.

Various Projects

Client: Various
Date: Various
Discipline: Design, Fabrication, Machining, Electrical, Control Panel
Value: Various

Above are samples of various projects undertaken to show the wide range of disciplines, principally showing the fabrication disciplines.

These examples show a small but varied view on our capabilities. We offer a wide range of expertises and knowledge, working closely with a vast and varied range of clients to provide bespoke engineering solutions.

Front Section of MCC showing various drive Cubicles and 3200amp incoming ACB

Tata Steel Roller Table DC Drive

Client: GE Energy
Date: 2011-2013
Discipline: Panel Manufacturing
Value: £140,000

Intelect UK’s Panel department were contracted by GE Energy to carry out a 2 phases installation during 2011 and 2013. We had to manufacture a new DC drive MCC for GE Energy to replace obsolete equipment at Tata Steel Works, Skinningrove.

Intelect UK Ltd completed Phase 1 Drives MCC to a high degree of quality with secured further work for Phase 2 which was completed 10months later. The project was brought in on budget and on time.

This work has secured us future work with GE Energy and they are now a regular client.

Front layout of the main drive form 4 type 2 Auxiliary MCC showing the various Compartments and PLC controlled remote IO.

Main Drive Auxiliary MCC

Client: GE Energy (Converteam)
Date: 2008/2009
Discipline: Panel Manufacturing
Value: £35,000

Intelect UK’s Panel Department manufactured the Auxiliary services LV MCC for GE Energy (Converteam) which was required for the main drive upgrade at Spartan UK Steelworks,

Intelect UK Ltd manufactured the MCC on schedule to a high standard securing future with Converteam at Spartan UK Ltd.