biogas plant

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The UK's renewable energy sector offers exciting opportunities for Intelect. As a multi-discipline engineering company, we are ideally positioned to provide the resources required to install new and innovative energy production plants.

Energy generated from sunlight, wind, rain, tides, geothermal heat and biomass are all classed under the sector of renewable energies as they can be replenished naturally.

The desire from government, industry and consumers to grow the renewable energy sector is strong and as a company that embraces new technologies and practices, Intelect are keen to be involved in these types of projects. 

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Filter Inlet Valve, New Actuator, pedestal and ` extension spindle installed. Intelect Mechanical Ltd also undertook modifications works to the hand rails & wire guards

Utility Companies

Utility Companies

Intelect have worked for many years with Northumbrian Water Ltd and its Tier 1 suppliers and partners, over this time we have provided services in design, electrical installation, control panels, pipework services and machining.

All our staff are dedicated to delivering our services to the highest standards whilst maintaining best practices in health and safety. We are committed to working in partnership with both contractors and suppliers within the utility sector, providing valuable knowledge and experience, to help these companies provide utilities to homes and businesses across the country.

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    MWH Constructors

    Intelect have a very solid reputation within our industry and …
Food Industry

Food and drink manufacturing sector

Food and drink manufacturing sector

Intelect have worked consistently alongside clients in the food and beverage industry since our formation in 1997.

The food industry is an exciting and fast moving environment, which relies on the use of technology, to deliver both quality and value to a growing market.

We have an experienced team of project managers and engineers, who have successfully met the challenges faced by the introduction new products and processes, developed inline with strict hygiene standards and greater efficiency.

We always strive to deliver the highest standards within our industry, whether we are using innovative design or adding value. This is reflected in the testimonials we receive from our partners and customers.


Intelect have vast amounts of experience and knowledge in the manufacture of drinks and beverages, providing the latest expertise and technology to achieve the highest standards in hygiene.

Working alongside many of the leading manufacturers in the beverage industry, we maintain best practices in health & safety whilst delivering solutions which add value in both quality and cost.

We welcome enquiries from both new and existing clients who are wanting to discuss projects of any size, involved in the production and processing of drinks and beverages.

Our customers manufacture; tea, fruit juices, syrup concentrates, spring water, carbonated drinks, liquid coffee, milk products, alcohol blended products.


Confectionery is a highly dynamic and competitive sector. Intelect endeavour to develop working partnerships with customers, and are committed to providing a first class service in manufacturing and production of confectionery products, to keep up with the ever expanding and developing market.

Our customers manufacture; chocolates, biscuits, chocolate bars, gums, mints & boiled sweets.


Intelect have been working in the dairy industry for over 15 years. We have been part of the development and implementation of the technologies used to process milk into a variety of dairy-based products.

We have close ties to our customers in the dairy industry and we have developed our own skills to reflect the challenges faced in this sector, so we can continue to provide consistency and reliability through our products and services.

We have worked in the dairy industry for over 15 years. We have experience in working with existing and new process, we have a vast experience in plant consolidation and relocation applying the latest process techniques. At Intelect we offer

It is important to react to a client’s needs and to support them throughout the project.

Our customers manufacture; Milk, Cheeses, Butter, Margarine, Yogurts, Cream.

Process management and control:

  • Consolidation and relocation of factories.
  • Installation of new process lines.
  • Bulk storage and distribution of solids and liquids.
  • Ingredient handling & storage.
  • Mixing & blending ingredients.

Process management and control:

  • Liquids / solids distribution.
  • Research & development.
  • Juice & syrup concentration.
  • Syrup manufacture & sugar dissolving.
  • Coffee processing.
  • Powder handling.
  • Processing.

Process management and control:

  • Pasteurisation.
  • Carbonation.
  • Storage tank systems.
  • Processing systems.
  • Packaging lines.
  • CIP systems.
  • Cooking.

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    I feel it is entirely justified to congratulate you for …
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    Pepsico Walkers

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Engineering heavy industry

Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Working in the heart of Teesside it was natural that we would develop a regular client base within the oil and steel industry. Intelect have a proven track record working in heavy industries, working alongside British Steel, Tata Steel and Corus, specialising in building and installing new process lines both in the UK and Europe. 

We are a multi-disciplined company, with all the expertise in house to run projects from design to completion.

Control panels and electrical refurbishment

Intelect design, manufacture and supply control panels, drives and distribution MCC, PLC control cubicle drivers, control desk and access gate safety panels with high-reliability for manless automation in harsh environments.

Machining and fabrication

Machining, fabricating and refurbishing parts and equipment for use in heavy industry generally means, everything is on a much larger and heavier scale, however, the attention to detail and engineering tolerances remain just as important as on any other job. We have invested heavily in the skills and equipment in order to meet these demands.

We are regularly called on to repair, refurbish or reverse engineer parts for heavy plant machinery and equipment and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver both on time and within budget.

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