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Fabrication Supervisor

Key Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Planning and control of daily production schedules.
  • Liaise with design team to provide a bridge between the office and shop floor.
  • Arrange stock and monitor necessary equipment.
  • Direct supervision of personnel.
  • Embracing all aspects of assigned staff management, identifying competency requirements, training, development of the team and all disciplinary procedures.
  • Maintaining and creating a good working atmosphere and motivating the workforce to create team building.
  • Implementing and monitoring health, safety and environmental issues within their department to ensure compliance with the appropriate legislation.
  • Take lead responsibility of staff during the shift, ensuring that they are working within hours, wearing PPE, and following company policies as set out.
  • Assist, help, and train personnel.

A desirable skill set would include, but not be limited to:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good time management.
  • Well organised.
  • Good IT capabilities.
  • Business minded, driven and forward thinking.
  • Good all Round Fabrication experience

This is a Full-Time position at 37.5 hours per week.

  • Rate is negotiable to the right candidate.
  • Must be flexible concerning OT evening/weekend work.
  • Proven experience as a fabricator/welder along with experience in a similar supervisory role.
  • Solid understanding of fabrication and welding processes as well as quality procedures, organisational and time management skills.
  • Assessing and issuing drawing packs to meet deadlines.
  • Maintaining accurate records of both build processes and man hours used.

Further information and applications to Jonathan Smithies email or call 01642 878784.

Think For 30 Seconds Health & Safety campaign

TF-30″ Think For Thirty Seconds

Think For 30 Seconds Health & Safety campaign

Intelect’s Health & Safety manager Dave Ritchie introduced the ‘Think For 30 Seconds’ campaign towards the end of 2017. The campaign is aimed at all members of staff and sub-contractors working at our own premises, on site or driving between locations.

The point behind the campaign is to raise awareness of the risks that appear around us throughout our working day and to remind us that pausing to consider how to proceed can prevent an accident.

The TF-30″ logo that appears at the top of the page has been designed to help us remember the importance of keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe in the workplace. We have had some stickers made up, which will be finding their way around vaious sites, equipment and vehicles. If anyone would like to request some for tool boxes or machinery then please contact Dave Ritchie on 07702 913252 or email

We have also introduced a QR Code into the design which can be scanned using the camera of your mobile device. The QR Code will provide a link to information relating to health and safety topics, and initiatives which will be updated periodically.

Why is this campaign so important?

There is no doubt keeping safe at work is important, no one would wish an accident upon themselves or a colleague, but you might wonder why we need to have campaigns, surely we all do our best every day to keep ourselves safe?

Well you would think so yes, but ask yourself honestly. Have you ever operated a piece of equipment or machinery with out the correct eyewear or ppe? Have you ever operated a piece of equipment or machinery without the correct PPE or the correct checks being completed? Have you ever driven a vehicle without defrosting it fully, or stood on something that’s not designed to be stood on to allow you to reach?

It’s these small oversights that we want to tighten up on so ‘daft accidents’ are avoided alongside more serious risks.

It’s good for business

Growing our business, securing work and jobs is equally important in maintaining a strong Health & Saftey strategy. In order for Intelect to achieve the accreditations and awards required to win new contracts and secure existing clients, we need to demonstrate our commitment to best practices accross our business. Please help us achieve our long term goals by adhering to, and suggesting improvements, for best practices.

We have produced some posters to help promote health and safety at work

If you would like to get some posters or stickers for use by your team, if you have any questions or need support, please contact Dave Ritchie (Health & Safety Manager) on 07702 913252 or email

Intelect 20th Birthday

Our 20th anniversary a birthday to remember

This year Intelect celebrates 20 years in business, are named amongst the North Easts Fastest 50 companies in 2017 and are leading the field in our disciplines with a turnover in excess of £20 million per year.

To say that we’re proud of our staff and their achievements is an understatement, so on Saturday 14th October 2017, we came together as a company to celebrate our 20th birthday.

The venue was The HUB at Teesside Universities student union bar, with musical accompaniment by The Last Anthem band, casino tables and a hot and cold buffet.

The evening was hosted by directors, Fran Cormican and John Thompson, who commenced preceedings by thanking everyone for attending, followed by a review of how Intelect began, their growth and expansion, concluding with their hopes and targets for the business going forward.

Tom Blakemore receives the Charlie Baker Apprentice Award

The Charlie Baker Apprentice Award is given in memory of a well loved and successful member of our team, who sadly passed away in 2014. The award, which was voted for by the directors, was presented to Tom Blakemore by Janet Baker (Charlie’s wife), in recognition of the work ethic he has demonstrated throughout his apprenticeship at Intelect. 

A special thanks

In recognition of their support the directors gave out flowers to their wives. Miranda and Lyndsey were thanked for organising the event and last but not least Hazel Hewitson (Accounting Manager) was recognised for “being their rock” throughout the 20 years, since Intelect’s formation.

A great night was had by all

As you can see from the gallery below the night was a huge success and continued on into the early hours!



Intelect have started apprentices every year since 1998, which was the second year of our incorporation, the majority of these have come via JTL who have been a constant support network to us, to enable us to get the best from our apprentices.

We have forged a relationship over many years with JTL and have a close working relationship with the training officers who work directly with the apprentices. This enables them to understand our needs as an employer. We pride ourselves on offering a specialised service to our clients of the highest standard and it’s important from the outset that the apprentices know and understand this. Our apprentices range across many disciplines such as Electricians, fabricators, pipefitters, joiners, welders, accounts and administration

Our model has worked for years and continues to do so, the level of employee retention is testament to this, and the growth of the company is also a testament to this. Intelect UK has continued to show its commitment to the youth of our area and giving them the chance we were given as apprentices.

Our electrical apprentices have been in the finals of apprentice of the year in 2010, 11, 12, 13 and again this year. Intelect UK was awarded Employer of the year for the Northern region in 2014. Intelect was presented with an award for large employer of the year in recognition of our commitment to apprenteships and apprentices over the previous years by TVAP in 2012. Also our accounts apprentice one apprentice of the year.

Our commitment is stronger now than ever to our apprentices and ultimately they are the winners whether they choose to remain with Intelect or more on with their career elsewhere they will leave with a first class training.

Working for intelect

Read about how our employees that have succeeded through apprenticeship programmes.