At Intelect, we are fully committed to engaging with our local communities to support social and economic growth.

Through partnerships, support schemes and volunteer work, we have been able to ensure a positive impact in the regions in which we operate, with the overall aim of creating better community cohesion and improving social mobility.

Training and development are at the heart of our values, with a strong emphasis on young people. Since 1998, our apprenticeship programme has seen rapid growth over the years, with over 150 apprentices passing through our doors and into a solid career path. We also pass these values onto the wider community, working with students to make them aware of the multiple career opportunities available in our regions. Charities such as the High Tide Foundation, Power of Women, and Spark Tees Valley are key partners in helping us to provide this support.

In 2022, we were proud to become a corporate partner of Teesside Hospice, a charity changing lives across Teesside by supporting people and families of those affected by terminal illness. What is special about our corporate partnership with Teesside Hospice, is that it’s a partnership chosen by our employees, as we wanted to ensure that we were supporting a charity close to the hearts of our staff. Since the start of our partnership, we have donated or raised over £12,500 for the Hospice, helping to contribute to the invaluable services that they provide to our community.

Proudly Supporting

  • High tide corporate partner