Electrical Design & Installation

Electrical design

Our electrical design and installation teams have over 20 years experience, designing and installations to market leading clients operating in utility, food processing and industrial sectors in the UK and globally.

We provide design packages that suit the needs of the client and the project, ensuring we consider safety, compliance and quality requirements whilst maintaining agreed costs and programme constraints.

Our experienced team will help to develop your project design needs from concept to any stage including outline design, design for costing support, detailed design for practical construction, or any stage required to satisfy the project needs.

Our designs are created using various software packages, such as AutoCad and Trimble ProDesign, to produce cable calculation modes, selectivity studies and client specific connection drawings in the form of single line diagrams, block cable diagrams and loop interconnection drawings.

We also provide design investigation in various forms. All investigative work is provided with detailed technical reports to assist with the feasibility of future projects.

Our skilled professionals are capable of carrying out installations work to the highest standard, understanding the client’s goals fully, and spotting potential problems before they arise.

We have expertise in both HV and LV, with all operatives holding multiple further health and safety accreditations, alongside the latest 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

We are able to supply, manufacture and install:

  • Individual items or full plant productions lines.
  • Lighting design and installation.
  • System design and verification including cable sizing certification.
  • Switch gear, transformer and control panel installation.
  • High voltage and low voltage cable installation including all industry recognised support systems.
  • Total turnkey solutions from design through to commissioning.

Our fully equipped team consists of:

  • Approved Technicians & Electricians
  • NICEIC competent
  • COMPEX Engineers
  • Testing and Inspection Engineers
  • Electrical Design Engineers
  • Commissioning Engineers

Case Studies

  • NWG Murton WTW Upgrade

    NWG Murton WTW Upgrade

    Intelect UK Ltd were chosen by MM Bentley as a key electrical installation supplier for a proposed upgrade of an existing borehole water treatment plant at Murton Berwick Upon Tweed.Read More »
  • Corby Roller Table 200KW Replacement Drives

    Corby Roller Table 200KW Replacement Drives

    Intelect were contracted by GE Energy to supply, manufacture and install a 200KW Drive Control Panel, to replace existing obsolete equipment on site at Tata Steel, Corby.Read More »
  • Intelect & KP Snacks, Teesside

    Intelect & KP Snacks, Teesside

    Intelect have been working at the plant since 2000, with John’s team permanently on site since 2005. Their role on the site is split between project, maintenance and repair work to both the production line and the building.Read More »
  • NWL Howdon Bio-Methane

    NWL Howdon Bio-Methane

    Intelect were sub-contacted by Interserve Construction Ltd to work on the new Bio-Methane ‘Gas to Grid’ Project at Howdon.Read More »

Products & Services

  • Total Turn Key Solutions

    Total Turn Key Solutions

    At Intelect, we are a one-stop-shop for your engineering solutions. We have been providing the highest standards of engineering expertise to clients for over 20 years, delivering total turn key projects across a range of industries and sectors.Read More »
  • Bespoke Control Panels

    Bespoke Control Panels

    All of our bespoke panels are built and designed in-house by our team of expertly qualified engineers in our specialised Middlesbrough and Leicester workshops.Read More »