Electricity at Work Regulations (EaWR) Waste Water Delivery

Client: JN Bentley
Date: September 2014 - Ongoing
Discipline: Electrical Installation

On behalf of Northumbrian Water Limited, JN Bentley Ltd contracted Intelect UK Ltd, under New Engineering Contract (NEC3) Option A, to complete the Electrical Installation work associated with the EaWR Waste Water Delivery Scheme. 

The objective of the scheme was to bring all electrical equipment up to existing standards, including; 17th Edition BS7671, Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and NWL E0103, E0104, E0702 specifications.  

The scheme is to be undertaken over an 18-month programme, consisting of 23 sites. Although the objectives of all sites were the same, the volume of works required was specific to the respective site, some sites requiring a full electrical refurbishment, whereas, some sites only required part refurbishment, dependant on equipment currently installed.   

As of December 2014, working collaboratively with NWL, JN Bentley Ltd and other 3rd party installers, we have successfully completed 5 of the 23 sites to the gratification of all parties, within programme and with no Health and Safety issues to report.

The picture to the left shows the completed installation at Potto Sewage Pumping Station, North Yorkshire. This particular site required a full site electrical refurbishment including: removal of redundant and non-complaint equipment; installation of a new MCC Panel (Supplied by a 3rd party), earth protection and installation of Building Services. The site was also tested to ensure it compiled with the required standards and specifications.

The picture to the right shows the inside of the Telemetry Outstation. During the installation, the existing telemetry outstation was retained, and alarm signals were changed sequentially from the old equipment to the new to enable the site to be kept operational at all times. This element of works is critical to the success of any refurbishment works carried out to operational sites as disruption to water supplies or sewage discharge can lead to financial penalties to Northumbrian Water Ltd.

Through Northumbrian Water Ltd, JN Bentley have awarded Intelect UK Ltd major framework projects for the past 8 years and continues to do so.  We have worked collaboratively on various projects ranging from small pumping stations refurbishments through to new water treatment processes.

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