Our design team use point cloud to produce high resolution, 3D digital models of your plant, buildings and grounds. An invaluable tool for asset and facility management as well as research and development projects.

With the use of our FARO® Focus S70 and FARO® Freestyle 2.0 we are able to survey objects and building with greater ease, providing quicker and more accurate results. These devices deliver realistic scan results, with an accuracy of +/- 1mm. Whether the project is large or small, the scanning equipment can be utilised to bring the best results, minimising any potential downtime or site disruption.

FARO® Focus S70

With a scanning grange of 70m the Focus s70 can be used indoors or outdoors for a range of different industries. The Focus S70 has HDR photo recording, providing great detail and high-quality panoramic views.

Features include:

  • Distance accuracy up to ±1mm.
  • Range from 0.6m up to 70m.
  • IP Class 54.
  • On-Site Compensation.
  • Night Mode scans in low light conditions.
  • On-Site Registration with FARO SCENE.
  • HD photo overlay up to 165 megapixel colour.

FARO® Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner

The FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner is designed for one-hand operation, meaning you can scan even the most hard-to-reach areas, either inside or outside. As the fastest 3D portable handheld laser scanner, the Freestyle 2 scans with great efficiency and versatility. Unmatched photorealism means you get high-quality, colour, 3D data with exceptional accuracy, and can be used in any light.

Features include:

  • Portable device provides ultimate flexibility thanks to its self contained unit.
  • Display lets you view what you capture as you scan, providing real time visualization.
  • Can obtain high quality, coloured, 3D data with up to 0.5 mm accuracy.
  • Scan scenes and objects without data voids in minutes.
  • Range of 0.4 – 5 m (up to 10 m with limited data quality).
  • 3D point accuracy 1 ≤0.5 mm
  • Scan volume 39.5 m³ @ max range 5 m
  • Can capture in a variety of lighting conditions, even providing usable data in complete darkness.




Our 3D scanning devices enable fast, accurate measurements of objects and buildings. They deliver realistic and true-to-detail scan results, with a distance accuracy to +/- 1mm. This revolutionary service can be utilised as a single service, or inclusive of a total turnkey solution. Not only does it minimise downtime and site disruption, but it also reduces health and safety risks and allows for clash detection.


Through the use of our latest laser scanning equipment and software, we are able to produce point clouds, 2D drawings and 3D models of our clients sites. The point clouds can be uploaded to an online cloud service in which the client can then view, measure and add comments. With this, we can produce walkthrough videos for presentations, in addition to in-situ preview designs, which allows you to see any new equipment/structures as it would appear on site. Providing the client with accurate designs, highlighting any potential problems in the design phase, which can save valuable time and resources.



We are now able to offer point cloud modelling to all new and existing customers.

  • Manipulation of point cloud.
  • Production of 2d drawings.
  • Production of 3d meshes.
  • Walkthrough videos for presentations.
  • Preview designs in-situ.
  • As built drawings.



Point cloud modelling is a fast and accurate way to survey your premises.

  • Minimise site disruption / downtime.
  • Reduce Health and Safety risks.
  • BIM Standard.
  • Faster design process.
  • Clash detection.
  • Quality control.

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