Our pipework engineers are skilled in all forms of pipework, across all types of application and industries. We specialise in stainless steel and carbon steel fabrications for food process, utilities and civil engineering industries.

With over 40,000 sq ft of workshop for pipework preparation, we can offer design, procurement and installation, complete with full CDM Management solutions. Our trained fitters and welders are experts in TIG, MMA and MiG, and are fully equipped with the latest flexible LEV systems, in line with the new legislation changes.

We are experts in fully welded stainless steel jacketed pipework, and specialise in process pipework systems for food plants and industrial projects, including steam systems, refrigeration, and compressed air systems.

We have the ability to develop process designs to suit the needs of our customers, including CIP systems and services to a client’s plan and machinery requirements.

Process vessels can be manufactured and provided, or sourced, dependant on client’s budget and needs. We are also able to select suitable pumps and valves that fall in line with established instrumentation.

Systems we provide include:

  • Stainless Steel Pipework Systems
  • Carbon Steel Pipework Systems
  • Mapress Pipework Systems
  • Galvanised Pipework Systems
  • Plastic Pipework Systems
  • Copper Pipework Systems
  • Jacketed Pipework (including heat tracing systems)
  • Process Systems
  • Glycol Pipework
  • Steam Systems
  • CIP Systems
  • CO2 Pipework
  • Gas and Compressed Air Systems
  • Chilled Water Pipework

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