Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Working in the food and beverage manufacturing industry for over 20 years means that we have extensive knowledge and experience in this sector, enabling us to provide our customers with the highest quality service.

Our years of experience in strict hygiene-controlled environments is engrained in the way we work, with safety being at the heart of every process.

Our dedicated team of project managers and engineers have the ability to deliver projects to the highest standards, on time and within budget, which is consistently reflected in the testimonials that we receive.

We understand that this sector is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, and realise the importance of minimal downtime when it comes to developing products and processes for our clients.

Continuous investment in our staff and resources allows us to remain efficient and reactive when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers, which is what has made us a market leader in this industry for so many years.


  • Beverages
  • Confectionary
  • Snacks
  • Diary

Case Studies

  • Mezzanine storage platforms at Britvic

    Mezzanine storage platforms at Britvic

    Intelect were contracted Britvic to undertake the design, fabrication and installation of a number of new mezzanines and gantries for their site in London.Read More »
  • Intelect & KP Snacks, Teesside

    Intelect & KP Snacks, Teesside

    Intelect have been working at the plant since 2000, with John’s team permanently on site since 2005. Their role on the site is split between project, maintenance and repair work to both the production line and the building.Read More »
  • Project Pelican

    Project Pelican

    Intelect were contracted by KP Snacks to decommission a production facility in Germany and relocate it to the UK.Read More »
  • Ringtons Tea Blend Control System

    Ringtons Tea Blend Control System

    Intelect were contracted by Ringtons to provide a full turnkey solution from design through to commissioning, in order to replace three existing blend panels with on master panel.Read More »

Products & Services

  • Total Turn Key Solutions

    Total Turn Key Solutions

    At Intelect, we are a one-stop-shop for your engineering solutions. We have been providing the highest standards of engineering expertise to clients for over 20 years, delivering total turn key projects across a range of industries and sectors.Read More »
  • Mezzanines, Platforms & Structures

    Mezzanines, Platforms & Structures

    All of our structures are designed and constructed in accordance with BSEN1090 regulations, of which we are fully accredited. We ensure that any design calculations are verified and confirmed by a chartered third party, prior to fabrication, to assure maximum safety.Read More »
  • Conveyor Systems & Material Handling

    Conveyor Systems & Material Handling

    Our conveyors are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, reducing downtime and minimising loss of production.Read More »
  • Bespoke Control Panels

    Bespoke Control Panels

    All of our bespoke panels are built and designed in-house by our team of expertly qualified engineers in our specialised Middlesbrough and Leicester workshops.Read More »