Intelect supports Scope

Intelect supports Scope

Intelect supports Scope

Peter Majer became part of the Intelect team in 2013 as a project engineer. Peter has twin sons, one of which was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2.

Peter and his family found SCOPE an invaluable source of support and information. When Intelect heard of the news, we wanted to support him and his family by raising money for SCOPE.

Throughout 2014 the fundraising included holding a golf day, and running blind cards. Intelect in total raised £1,200. To present the money, we invited Rachel Atkinson, a representative of SCOPE to meet Peter and his family.

“It’s always good to meet the families who benefit from the services we provide at SCOPE. We are always grateful for all donations, as they allow us to continue providing our services. Our vision is a world where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.”

If you wish to donate to SCOPE, please click the link:

A letter of thanks from Scope.

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