Process & Services Pipework

Our pipework engineers are skilled in all forms of pipework in all types of application and industries. We specialise in stainless steel and carbon steel fabrications for food process, utilities and civil engineering industry.

We offer design, procurement and installation complete with full CDM management.

We have over 40,000 sq ft of workshop for pipework preparation. We are experts in fully welded stainless steel jacketed pipework for the process and confectionary industry.

We have extensive knowledge in the utilities, renewables and the heavy process industries.

Equipment / Skills

  • Orbital welding.
  • TIG, MMA, MiG.
  • Welding procedures are carried out in accordance with national standards.
  • Typical pipework systems – stainless steel, carbon steel, mapress, galvanised, plastic, copper.
  • Process & utility systems – jacketed pipework, process, glycol, steam ,CIP, CO2, gas, compressed air, chilled water etc.
  • Fully trained fitters and welders.CAD Design Dept.
  • Commissioning Engineers.
  • CDM Management.
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