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Martin Heywood – Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club

Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club

Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club

Martin Heywood, Senior Design engineer at Intelect’s Grimsby office, and Publicity Officer and coach at Glanford and Scunthorpe Canoe Club, has helped to secure a grant for £10,000 from Sport England for eight brand new marathon racing kayaks and paddles. Martin then arranged the official unveiling in front of the local press by Andrew Percy MP and Rob Waltham MBE, leader of North Lincolnshire Council. Martin is in the centre of the photo below (at the back with the dark glasses) with Andrew Percy MP to his right. Rob Waltham is third from the left at the back. Also present in the photo are our marathon paddlers, and watching were other club members and parents. The publicity is important as Sport England like to see that their grant of National Lottery money is being reported to the local community.

Martin has been working hard all year on the club’s River Development Plan, writing the specification, getting quotes and preparing a presentation. The aim is to improve the competitive training facilities so we can develop slalom and polo as well as marathon. The award of the £10K grant is just the start! The project includes repairs to the river bank on both sides, installation of disable access paths, a floating rise-and fall jetty and to install permanent steel wires and poles across the river for a slalom course. Intelect Grimsby have quoted for this part and as few years ago Intelect Middlesbrough installed a similar system at the Tees Barrage whitewater centre in Middlesbrough. After the marathon kayak unveiling, Martin presented the project to our MP and council leader and they were very supportive. However, there were no promises of the funds necessary, so if anyone has £130K to spare please contact Martin ASAP!

Martin Heywood

Martin (left) with the award sponsor, club chair Iain Cameron and coach Steve Burnett

The week after the boat unveiling it was the prestigious North Lincolnshire Council’s Community Champion Awards at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe. GSCC had two nominations: Community Sports Team of the Year for winning the Yorkshire Marathon league and taking our young paddlers to London, and Sports Achiever of the Year for one of our coaches. Much to the delight of our enthusiastic young supporters in the hall, we won both!

Intelect help improve onsite safety

Intelect helps to improve on-site safety

Intelect help improve onsite safety

Intelect help improve onsite safety

A Grimsby company working on one of the town’s most eagerly awaited business developments has introduced an innovative health and safety campaign involving both site workers and children.

Intelect Engineering Services is currently handling the key project management and principal contractor role for the new Morrisons seafood processing plant at Europarc.

Working to an extremely tight schedule, the pressure is on to ensure the plant is operational by Se ptember.

Safety of the 90-plus people on site and all visitors is crucial to the success of the project, and with that in mind health and safety manager Robin Keld has devised his own way of getting the message across.

He said: “Since we began work on site in March, we have handed out monthly awards, usually cash bonuses, to the person who has contributed most to health and safety.

“The idea is to encourage and reward positive behaviour rather than just reprimand the individual when something goes wrong.

“Usually, with most companies, when something major goes wrong the perpetrator simply gets kicked off site, but with Intelect the approach is refreshingly different. “If there is an issue, as long as it’s not a sackable offence, we prefer to work with the individual to make sure we all learn from the mistake.”

A traffic lights system has been employed, with green rewarding positive behaviour, yellow recording minor offences and red for serious offences that require the person to leave the site.

“I’m pleased to say that the team at Europarc is very much behind the idea and especially my motto ‘my site, my safety’,” said Mr Keld.

He has extended the campaign by launching a children’s health and safety themed poster competition.

Mr Keld said: “We have a very fast-track job here, but it has to be undertaken in a safe manner and it would not be practical to take men off the site whenever there is a safety issue to discuss.

“Our campaign encourages the team to raise any issues, not turn a blind eye.”

Kev Stanham, Intelect Engineering’s technical director and project manager, said the initiative was one of the most effective he had experienced.

He said: “Rather than people just paying lip service to health and safety, Robin has achieved real interest among the site workforce.

“He has actively encouraged them to engage in a dialogue and to raise issues.

“As a company that has always focussed on the safety of its employees, Intelect will be rolling out similar programmes on all future projects. ”

Story and picture reproduced from Grimsby Telegraph Thursday, August 9, 2012.

Morrisons project

Morisson’s contract creates new jobs in Grimsby

We have been appointed as a main contractor on the new Morrison's fish processing plant at the Europarc Business Park which has launched a recruitment programme which could well continue through the summer.

Morrisons project

We have been awarded the key project management and principal contractor role to work with Morrison's seafood division, this has already lead to the appointment of four additional technical staff to its project team with more likely to join in the next few weeks.

With the dust having just been cleared from the former Kwok plant, a team of specialist design engineers are working all out to have the factory operational later this year.

Director and project manager, Kevin Stanham, said: “We have a team of people working on site at Europarc and in our head office on the South Humberside Industrial Estate making sure we meet our pretty tight deadlines.

“Our in-house engineers are among the best in the region but we knew we would have to increase our manpower to fulfil our biggest contract to date. Recruitment has begun in earnest and is likely to continue as the workload increases over the next few months.

“The technical team will be eight-strong at least with another 10 to 15 employed on trades and potentially many more within our sub-contractor network. Once the plant is operational, the Morrisons’ workforce is expected to be in excess of 200 but until we reach that stage, another 30 to 40 new jobs could be created”.

Howard Sims, managing director of Morrison's seafood division, is working closely with the Intelect team. He said: “This is a very exciting project for Morrison's, our suppliers and the local economy and we hope to have the plant up and running by late Autumn.

“Intelect were able to provide the experience and skills we need to create a state-of-the-art seafood processing plant and the work has got off to an excellent start. As the main contractor, they will manage absolutely everything that happens on site.

“We already have plans for further expansion of the business and we hope to have Intelect as our partner throughout this period of growth. We also feel it is important to appoint a company from the Grimsby area, so that we could offer some good news for the local economy and for job prospects”.

Kev Stanham has already visited a number of specialist equipment manufacturers in Iceland, Denmark and in the UK to locate the very latest machinery for the new factory. He said: “We have a completion date in mind but for the time being this is between Howard and ourselves”.

Intelect Grimsby engineers

Grimsby team secure over £2m of business in its first six months

Intelect Grimsby engineers

Intelect Grimsby engineers

Grimsby team secure over £2m of business in its first six months

Intelect's Grimsby team, which only opened the doors to its new office and workshop complex in January, has fast become one of the region’s success stories.

With the actual trading performance already far exceeding expectations during this initial period and with forecasts for the rest of the year very good, the Directors are already considering future expansion.

Although the Intelect brand is relatively new to North East Lincolnshire, the operation is staffed and managed by local people, most of whom have considerable experience in the food processing industry, one of Intelect’s main target sectors. Its parent company is Intelect UK, a fast-growing electrical and mechanical engineering company based at Riverside Park, Middlesbrough.

One of the three directors at Grimsby, Phill Bodsworth, said: “While we are naturally delighted at the company’s performance in the first six months, we are not losing sight of the fact that trading conditions remain tough.

“Our achievement is largely down to the hard work and enthusiasm shown by every member of our team and we need to maintain this competitive spirit in the future. We have certainly laid down a marker that we are capable of handling major contracts for the biggest clients”.

Intelect Engineering’s recent workload has included a £500,000 contract for one of the country’s leading food manufacturing companies and a £200,000 contract inside a pet food factory, modifying existing conveyor systems.

When the company moved in to the re-named Brunel House on Estate Road No. 2, South Humberside Industrial Estate, in January, the workforce was six. Today, it stands at almost 30 with a further half dozen people, normally based at the Middlesbrough headquarters, being employed on sub-contract work with other Grimsby companies.

Phill said: “We are receiving enquiries for new work just about every day from all parts of the UK and even from Europe and the Far East so our capabilities are obviously being noted by the right people. We are forecasting further growth this year, probably leading to more job opportunities.”

Co-founder and Managing Director of the Intelect Group, Fran Cormican, said: “Phill and his fellow directors, Ray Johnson and Kevin Stanham, made a strong case for Intelect to open in Grimsby and we knew they had a wealth of experience, especially in the food processing sector. We decided to back them with a £1m investment in property and machinery and the best local skills.

“We know that Grimsby, like many towns, has suffered significant losses in both jobs and investment in recent years but we are confident that Intelect Engineering will continue to expand, creating new wealth and job opportunities for the town”.

Intelect brings new jobs and investment to Grimsby

Intelect brings new jobs and investment to Grimsby

One of the North’s fastest growing mechanical engineering and electrical firms has launched a new division based at Grimsby.

Intelect Engineering has occupied an 8,000 sq. ft. former BT workshop and office complex on the South Humberside Industrial Estate and in so doing has already created 20 new jobs with more to follow in the next few months.

The expansion into the Humber region by the parent group, Middlesbrough-based Intelect UK, has been backed by an investment of around £1m and will be welcomed as a rare piece of good news for the South Bank economy.

The group is in the process of completing a £4m-plus five-year expansion programme at its Riverside Park, Middlesbrough, headquarters, where the workforce has grown quickly in recent years to its current total of more than 100.

A recent recruitment campaign attracted almost 500 applications, mostly from people working in the engineering sector in North East Lincolnshire.

Intelect brings new jobs and investment to Grimsby

Director Phill Bodsworth, self-confessed "Grimsby through and through", said: “Intelect is one of the most progressive companies in the electrical and mechanical engineering sector and it sees the Humber region, especially the South Bank, as an area of opportunity.

"Much of our work will be concentrated on serving the food processing and manufacturing industry, both locally and further afield, and with that in mind we have hand-picked a number of applicants with impressive levels of knowledge and experience gained from working in that sector. Some of them have more than 25 years experience in the industry.

"We will also be working with the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, both very important to the economy of North East Lincolnshire, and we hope that by putting together a team of people who have top quality skills, lots of experience and local knowledge we can provide a valuable service to other local businesses without them having to look outside this region.

“North East Lincolnshire has had its fair share of knocks in recent months but we hope Intelect’s investment and job creation will go some way to reversing this trend. Certainly, we plan to move forward at pace with this new division, creating new jobs as we go. We have already created 20 jobs and we expect this number to double before the end of the year.”