Full Site Survey

Client Name:

North East Nutrition




3D Scanning


In October 2022, our Grimsby branch was contacted by North East Nutrition in Invergordon, Scotland to carry out a site survey, as the company was looking to develop the site in the near future. Grimsby passed this onto the Intelect Design department, based in Middlesbrough, to carry out the survey.

The laser scanning took a week on site to process all of the floors and information both inside and outside the factory. The building had various congested areas, as well as large open spaces, which helped to piece together all of the raw data.


Around 240 individual scans were taken for this site survey, with each scan amounting to 23 million points individually. When processed together the overall survey contains 5.5 billion points to measure from.

Following the successful completion of this project, Intelect are now continuing to work with North East Nutrition to deliver further projects.

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