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Mechanical Design, Fabrication, Mechanical Installation, Material Handling

Intelect Mechanical were contracted by a long term food manufacturing client to find a transfer solution to get a brittle, warm product down from a height in a small area, all whilst ensuring minimal breakage. They were also asked to ensure that the flow of product could be manually controlled, feeding into two independent weigh stations.

Through extensive trials and designs, we were able to innovate and upgrade the existing transfer chutes to provide an additional product drop off point, all whilst ensuring the reduced speed of the product flow by creating a continuous produce chute with no additional impacts or drops.

In the final stage of the transfer solution, we designed the next stage of the process to ensure that the product travels over a spring aided balanced chute to remove the RSI, subsequently controlling the product into the boxing stations below on scales. To maximise efficiency, when the sprung balanced chute is raised slightly, this cuts off the product flow, giving control to the packer and ensuring minimal spillage.

On FAT, the client was extremely happy with the design and solution provided, and as a result they asked to further modify the design to bulk off other additional products at this point. This request was put forward just two days prior to the install date, however our team were able to quickly modify and fabricate the changes by adding a simple chute arrangement to meet the clients needs.

The project was delivered on time, and exceeded the clients expectations.

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