Corporate Responsibility

Since our incorporation in 1997, Intelect has achieved a steady growth, expanding into new sectors, investing in our workforce, their skills and equipment, to meet the needs of new and existing customers.

As part of our growth we have always looked to employ staff from our local community, to set up new offices and workshops in the areas where we work and to help communities so they benefit from our presence.

The term 'Corporate Responsibilty' is increasingly being pushed to the front of how companies present themselves, for Intelect, this has just been part of good business practice since we started all those years ago!

Above everything we recognise people have the single greatest impact on our success and we feel the low turnover and long term service of our staff and partners confirms our dedication to this ethos.

  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, throughout all levels of our organisation. We ensure that both our members of staff, and those of our client, are provided with adequate information, supervision, and training before completing any given task.Read More »
  • Environment


    Across our business, we strive to continuously work to improve on our impact on the environment, through supporting sustainable practices, and ensuring that every task is carried out in an environmentally friendly way.Read More »
  • Accreditations


    The accreditations we achieve demonstrate our ethos of best practices in the work place. They communicate to existing and potential customers that as a company we expect a certain standard from our staff and sub-contractors.Read More »
  • Community


    At Intelect, we are fully committed to engaging with our local communities to support social and economic growth.Read More »