COVID-19 could possibly be one of the biggest challenges we will face, both in our personal and working lives.

As a company Intelect are dedicated to meeting this challenge head on, to use the expertise and experience we already have in place, to provide safe and well engineered solutions for both our staff and those of our customers.

Training is at the heart of everything we do, and we have invested heavily in both staff and systems that allow us to deliver our own in-house training solutions to make sure our staff are not just compliant but ahead of the curve in the sectors where we operate.

We are now able to provide the same level of training and support as a service to our customers. Most of the courses we offer can be delivered using a variety of channels, including E-Learning, which allows candidates to participate in training remotely, self isolating as required.

The ability to adapt and evolve has been a reoccurring theme for Intelect and we are eager to meet this current challenge with the same enthusiasm.

The most immediate challenge we face is making sure our customers can maintain business operations, many of which operate in food manufacturing, utilities, energy and industrial sectors.

Keeping people safe is crucial both for the welfare of the staff and the continuity of operations.

Physical screens offer immediate protection for operators, and we are able to provide a fast and efficient service to design, fabricate and install these. Please contact us today to discuss this further.

Making sure staff and operators are protected through the use of screens is important, but manufacturing plants need to be able cope with the movement of both products and people as well.

One of the ways we are able to assist in developing both physical barriers and strategies for maintaining safe distancing is by taking a 3D scan of your building and reproducing it as a 3D model. Having this virtual asset allows us to test fit both equipment and pathways. The level of detail and accuracy enables our engineers to show detailed presentations of how equipment and services will fit together before they have even left the ‘drawing board’.

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