Health & Safety at work Vital Statistics 2020

At Intelect we encourage all members of staff to take a pro-active approach to health & safety. Mike Cook our QHSE Manager heads up a dedicated team of health and safety champions, who work alongside managers and supervisors, to ensure we not only adhere to our legal obligations, but that we continually reach for the safest possible practices for our staff, sub-contractors and clients.

We introduced the #Thinkfor30 campaign

The Think For 30 (seconds) campaign reminds us, just how important that short ammount of time is, just before you commit to something. We’ve all done it, that moment when you think, go for it, it’ll be ok and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

Now if all we’re talking about is; balancing that cup of tea in your arm whilst opening the door and holding a pen in your mouth, then it’s not going to be the end of the world if something slips and you spill something, you wipe it up, dry yourself off and go and get another cup of tea. (We don’t endorse balancing cups of tea by the way!).

Joking aside, our working days involve all manor of potentially dangerous sittuations where taking a chance could lead to serious injuries or even death. The problem we face is that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and that’s why we want to remind you all, to just think for 30 (or however long it takes) and take the safe option.

We’ve just ordered some #thinkfor30 stickers, so no doubt you will start seeing them appear in various places around our workplace. Hopefully these will act as a memory jogger and keep you safe!

The QR code in the logo

If you open your smart phone camera and point it at the QR code, it will provide a link to the new Staff / Supplier web portal where you will find health and safety information updates and reports, should you need to report any incidents or near misses.

Why is this so important

Unfortunately accidents do happen and below are some of the statistics published by the HSE.

Please speak up, take pictures and report it!

Our H&S team relies on us all being vigilant. It’s not someone elses job to keep you safe! Everyone has access to a smart phone, follow this link and have a look at the Think For 30 portal, it should be easy to navigate with forms to report:

Accident / Incident Report Form

Report a Vehicle Incident

Witness Statement

Report a Positive Intervention

Near Miss / Hazard Observation Report

COVID-19 Sickness & Absence Reporting