Intelect Aims to Inspire Inclusion as part of Engineering Insight Day

A group of student ambassadors were invited to Intelect’s state-of-the-art facility in Middlesbrough last month, as part of the company’s strategy to improve diversity and inclusion within the engineering industry.

Over 30 young people from five schools across the Tees Valley region were given unrestricted access into the day-to-day operations of the business as part of an open day in partnership with POW (Power of Women), who aim to elevate aspirations, ensure equal opportunities for all students, and challenge gender stereotypes.

The interactive visit included a variety of activities, including an ‘ask the apprentice’ Q&A session with Intelect’s Health and Safety Apprentice, Maddie Williams and a site tour, where students got to see everything from how laser cutters work, to using 3D scanners.

Students engaged in a Q&A session with Intelect’s Health and Safety Apprentice, Maddie Williams.


Intelect’s Business Operations Manager, Lily Brothwood headed up the visit with the hope of opening eyes and minds to the industry, she said, “The whole point of visits like these are to spark interest and questions, ultimately aiming to raise the aspirations of young people in our area.

“It’s really important that we as employers do as much as we can to remove barriers and preconceptions about the opportunities that are available within our region. Many people leave the area because they grow up believing that there’s nothing here for them, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

She continued, “We have to tap into the minds of young people as early as possible, planting the seed from a young age that they can build and grow a successful career right here on Teesside, and we hope events like these will do just that.”

Design Engineering Manager, Jack Guy showing a student how a 3D scanner operates.


Lily was joined on the day by POW’s Campaign Manager, Sophie McKenna and Head of Operations, Claire Preston, who said, ““Inspirational days like this visit to Intelect are absolutely key to the success of the work of POW. Our ambassadors were excited by their visit, learning not only about engineering, but apprenticeships generally.

“This experience will be shared by the ambassadors with large numbers of their peers back in schools. I’m already aware of one female student who is keen to explore engineering further as a result and hope this will sow seeds of interest in many more. Partnerships like this, as intended by POW, are what will make a difference to our next generation.”

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