Meet the team – John Briggs

Left: John demonstrates LOTO process for an external audit. Right: St. John Ambulance volunteer

John has spent hundreds of hours volunteering, training and providing medical cover at community supporting events.

During the coronavirus outbreak John with the support of Intelect has been taking time out to put extra volunteers in the front line with his SJA colleagues helping out communities.

How does it feel to volunteer with St John during the coronavirus outbreak?

I’m more than happy to assist, I want to be there on the giving support and hopefully making a difference. We are often asked, “Why are you doing this, your only volunteers?” Always my reply is, “It’s what we do”. I have the support of my family who worry just the same as everyone, but with the added worry of my direct contact outside the safety of our home.

How is St Johns Ambulance helping our communities during the coronavirus outbreak?

The COVID – 19 pandemic has brought St John Ambulance to the front-line. The help St John is giving the ambulance service means ambulances can be sent to patients more quickly. With COVID, things can deteriorate very quickly so it’s really important for us to take some of the burden from the NHS crews, who are already suffering from staff absences.

As trained emergency transport attendants, we where expected to put our training into practice, supporting NHS trusts by working side by side with the ambulance trusts. Up to date St John Ambulance has provided almost 17, 000 hours of crewed ambulances across the country, covering 999 calls and seeing people scared, emotional and shattered through loss.

What’s been the most rewarding part of the experience?

The normal day to day for a SJA volunteer, is covering community and sporting events, with the significance being that our trained team was there to help a casualty in their time of need. I have had the privilege to be part of such a team, that on two occasions it has made the difference between a life lost and a life saved. These are the circumstances we strive for and train to deliver.

How has your St John training prepared you for the fight against coronavirus?

I have volunteered for St John Ambulance for the past five years, gaining qualifications as a first aider through to my current role as an emergency transport attendant. The importance of continuous development is paramount keeping your clinical skills sharp and up-to date.

I am grateful for the support of my employers Intelect UK, who’s generosity shown to St John Ambulance, has helped the NHS to help all.

Please stay safe by following the guidelines and we will all get through this together.