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Upgrades to Intelect's Engineering workshop in Humberside

Intelect have been busy upgrading and improving their workshops at their Grimsby site in Humberside, with the addition of a new five tonne overhead crane, six large fabrication bays and some specialist pipework equipment.

The ongoing investment plans accross all Intelect sites reflects the needs of our customers and our desire to deliver the best possible service, whilst ensuring our staff are kept safe.

Overhead crane

The installation of our new overhead crane will be a welcome addition, increasing both the capacity of what we can work on and the safety for our staff.

The crane will be put to work immediately, on a project we have recently won, to manufacture and assemble steelwork for a company in the chemical industry.

5 tonne Overhead Crane

5 tonne Overhead Crane.

Fabrication bays

The new fabrication bays, lined with 34 metres of flame retardant curtain will increase our manufacturing capacity, reduce the risk of cross contamination between materials or inadvertent exposure of personnel to hazordous environments.

Fabrication Bays

Fabrication Bays with Jasic AC/DC welding plants.

Specialist pipework equipment

Achieving the best possible results comes from knowledge, experience and equipment, our Pipe Welding Division Supervisor, Paul Hurst recently sourced the following equipment to improve productivity in the preparation and welding of pipework.

  • Pipework bevelling machines (8 inch to 16 inch pipework). providing a perfect bevel for the welder.
  • 4 new Jasic AC/DC welding plants, water cooled, capable of 315AMPS.
  • Welding turn table, remotely turns pipe reducing the need to stop and start welds.
Pipework Bevelling Machines

Pipework Bevelling Machines, Welding turn table.


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